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Welcome to the website of the emerging social media network DEINGAMINGSETUP.

So far we represent different social media channels as management.

* We are the first point of contact for sponsorships or collaborations with other brands. The channels themselves are responsible for all content, infringements and related consequences!

Our social media channels

  • Amazonas
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
Abstrakter futuristischer Hintergrund

What can we offer you?

Feel free to check out our services which we can currently offer free of charge. If you have any further questions or requests please feel free to contact us by email:

Buying Advice

Our main service is to advise customers directly on the perfect components for their dream PC - matched according to the max budget.

PC assembly on request (plan)

From summer 23 we assemble PCs for our customers and then ship them nationwide in Germany! 

Interesting blog posts

Another focus is on our exciting blog posts about technology. The newest graphics cards, exemplary gaming builds and much more are discussed there.

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